Informational write-ups for non-experts

Below short papers and poster introduce and explain some aspects of secure multiparty computation and the SODA project to non-experts:

Enabling Analytics on Sensitive Medical Data with Secure Multi-Party Computation
Meilof Veeningen, Supriyo Chatterjea, Anna Zsófia Horvath, Gerald Spindler, Eric Boersma, Peter van der Spek, Onno van der Gallien, Job Gutteling, Wessel Kraaij, Thijs Veugen – 2018 – download pdf (5 pages)

The practical implications of MPC when Introduced to People
Mads Schaarup Andersen – 12 August 2019 – download pdf (2 pages)

Secure MultiParty Computation (MPC) for Big Data Analytics: technology readiness from an enterprise perspective
Paul Koster – November 2019 – download pdf (1 page)

GDPR meets Crypto: Towards secure privacy-preserving data analytics
Anna Zsófia Horváth – May 2019 – download pdf (2 pages)

Scalable Oblivious Data Analytics: enable practical big data analytics on big data with MultiParty Computation
SODA team – September 2019 – download pdf (poster)

Scalable oblivious data analytics for healthcare applications
Paul Koster – September 2019 – download pdf (slides)